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Marika is a professional dancer graduated at Codarts School in 2015. To be authentic is the most important thing for her. Every different humans should find his way of being pure and simply honest with themselves and to Marika, dancing is the way. Here, everything, comes together in her. It is the closest she can get with her passion to touch the truth of being authentically in wholeness with everything. While being a mover she discovered that dance is her state of not be hidden but profoundly her state of being present for what she represents in this life. As every artist finds his way of being themselves through different paths or concepts, she found herself through her dance.

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Since 2015 she started freelancing for Gotra Ballet/Joost Vrouenraets in the productions “Nemo-BODY” 2017,“Pandora” 2016 “ Frontier” 2016 “Charlie Goes” 2015. During 2017 she was also part of Opera “Faust” choreographed By Michael Keegan- Dolan in Opera Di Firenze OF. She took part of the performance “Le Battailles” by Olive Grandville and in “Blink Of Liberation” by Daniele Ninarello performed in Cango, Florence in 2016/2017. She participated to Venice Biennale 2016 with “Imaginary Garden with real toads in them” by Annamaria Ajmone. She is also busy in collaborating with an artist, Alexis Blake since 2015 for the performances “Anthology of a Anger”, “ We will not be Moved” and “ Allegory Of the Painted Women” performed at the RiJksmuseum in Amsterdam 2016 and in Riga Biennial 2018. In February 2017 she started creating her own works in collaboration with Jessica Eirado Enes with who they got their first Residency in Catania for their piece "E' Vietato il gioco della Palla".

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Through movements I give myself. I give the pure essence of my body, soul and mind as a gift for the people that are willing to receive it and to translate what I dance into an inspiration for them. That is why I choose this path. To show to people to not be afraid of seeing themselves inside, to inspired them and to let them follow all the pure feelings that drive their essence, as I do through my dance .

- Marika Meoli -